Welcome Damian Warner!

603 TrailRiders Welcome New Instructor

Picture of Damien with his red dirt bike
Welcome Damian Warner to the NHYPM- 603 TrailRiders Team!

Step into the limelight and give a round of applause for the latest addition to our dynamic Instructor team at 603 TrailRiders! Meet Damian Warner, a vibrant force ready to infuse our trails with his passion and expertise.

Freshly minted from New England College, Damian holds not only a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice but also an associate‚Äôs in social services, showcasing a multifaceted approach to his pursuits. Yet, it’s not just the classroom where Damian shines; his playground has long been the thrilling world of dirt bikes and motocross.

Picture Damian tearing through the rugged terrain, his love for speed and adrenaline palpable in the air. As an amateur, he’s already made waves as a sponsored racer, carving his path with finesse and determination. But Damian’s journey doesn’t stop there; he’s on the fast track to becoming a certified maestro of motorcycle coaching.

Enrolled in the prestigious United States Motorcycle Coaching Association, Damian is set to harness his talents and knowledge to earn his USMC Coaching Certification by June 2024. With every twist of the throttle, he’s not just chasing his dreams but inspiring others to do the same.

“I am grateful to be able to do my part in the community utilizing something that I understand and love,” Damian shares, his enthusiasm infectious. “I am super excited for the year to come and am expecting some big things to come on and off the race track. I am looking forward to being a part of Mount Prospect Academy and 603 TrailRiders!”

So, let’s extend a warm embrace to Damian as he revs up to ignite our trails with his infectious energy and unwavering dedication. With him on board, the adventure is only just beginning at NHYPM- 603 TrailRiders.

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