603 TrailRiders- NHYPM Holiday Celebration

December 7, 2023

With videos of the New Hampshire Youth Program for Motorsports, aka 603 TrailRiders in action streaming on a large screen TV in the background along with trophies and gear proudly displayed on tables, the leadership and faculty of Mount Prospect Academy welcomed community members who have supported the program and the students.  The program’s goal is to mentor young riders and instill personal, social, and environmental responsibility. Tonight’s gathering was to thank supporters and instructors for their efforts.

The program operates daily at the facility in Rumney, NH and includes students from Mount Prospect Academy’s campus’ in Campton, Plymouth, Pike, and Hampton. The hands-on approach to riding calls for physical active interaction with the equipment, simultaneously developing student’s cognitive abilities creating and sustaining patterns of behavior that support self-regulation, problem solving, individual confidence.

Additionally, the program requires functional and active use of documentation forms, workorders, diagnostic reports, costs (parts/repair logs), plus the knowledge and practice of safety procedures. 603 TrailRiders – NHYPM is a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Dirt Bike school. Graduates are OHRV Certified by the NH FISH and Wildlife and receive NH Licensed Rider Certification.

Lastly, the 603 Trailriders program exposes students to a robust curriculum that uses a “modules’ system that integrates reading and writing and related subject instruction in science, geography, history, and respect for the environment.

Image of Allen Tucker being acknowledged with Allen Tucker Sportsmanship Award
Pictured (l to r): Mike McLaughlin, Allen Tucker, Jay Marshall, PJ Reese, and Daniel Burke

Following dinner, a special presentation was made to Allen “Wolfman” Tucker.

For his longtime support of the program, the Allen Tucker Sportsmanship Award was unveiled and will be presented each year to a student in the program who embodies the values of integrity, commitment, mindfulness, personal and social responsibility that are essential to Mount Prospect Academy and the 603 TrailRiders – NHYPM mission. The award embodies the spirit of the program to educate the “whole student” who respects the balance of nature and man as responsible riders

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